*The Swordsman Network

Creative Commons License In the first of my new founding documents, Running this Blogging Race Once Again, I said that Swordsman of the Word had “become just my personal blog where I serve God through my writing, and where I earn a part of my living.” Nevertheless, by God’s leading, the ministry has grown over the past year. This announcement, which will become part of the new founding documents, is only to formalize the present extent of what I’m calling now The Swordsman Network.

Some parts of this network are still under construction though. One, my pastoral blog, is still empty of content. However, one purpose of this announcement is to set the boundaries of my present works, and so even though the network is not yet completed, it is necessary that I define now its components.

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*Swordsman Library is under construction again

Hello friends. I just want to share some of my present works. I know that I’ve not been posting in my blogs for nearly two weeks now, and I just want to explain and show you why.

In my last announcement, I said that I’ve been working on my Google Sites, on my new blog, The Pastor Swordsman, and other related stuffs. That is true, but my work has expanded still, or rather, something that I’ve already been considering of doing is now sure.

About a year ago, I started a “fun project” here in WordPress.com — Swordsman Library — a blog/website where you can read the Bible and some Christian classics. However, for me, it was a serious project, because I’ve always wanted an online library of my own. I think that, for someone who loves books and who loves to read, having that kind of desire is only natural. Long story short, interruptions happened, and I set aside that project, but I’d done some significant work on its foundations.

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