*No More Patreon for Me; Blogging Suspended

Hello friends. Here’s a couple of important news.

First, I’m going to shut down my Patreon account. For two reasons. One is that I’ve never been able to give the necessary time and effort to create regularly my exclusive content. (And given the amount of works I’ve already planned for The Swordsman Network… that situation is doubtful to change.) Another reason is that I am much less enthusiastic in writing my devotional reflections (my main content for Patreon) if I don’t share them with as many people as possible.

Closing down my Patreon account has two main consequences: First, I’m going to post now here in the main blog my devotional reflections — for free, and with the same Creative Commons license I apply to my essays. However, unlike in Patreon, there won’t be any schedule for them. I’ll post only when I have something to share.

Second, I’m relying now primarily on donations for support — there will no longer be any subscription for my exclusive content. (Any exclusive content from me you’ll get from the books I’ll sell someday.) In view of this, I’ve made two new accounts: in Ko-fi, for one-time gifts, and in Liberapay, for recurrent giving. (Both accept only PayPal.)

My friends, please, if you had ever found value in what I do, and would like to see me continue blogging, buy me a coffee, or better, become one of my patrons. I really need your help!



And to celebrate these new developments (even though I’m suspending my blogging for a while), and as a gesture of my faith in you, I’ve opened to the public my latest (and last) devotional reflection for Patreon.

Read: SD: Climbing High in Mt. Blessedness

My country, the Philippines, is suffering. Besides the COVID-19 pandemic, four typhoons had hit us in a row during the past month. And two of them, Rolly and Ulysses, had wreaked great devastations. In both properties and lives.

In my own province of Albay, two barangay communities had been destroyed by lahar flow. People had died. Houses were ruined. This is not to mention the destructions caused by the typhoons themselves, and not just in our province but in the whole Bicol region.

And right now, in the northern part of the country, a whole province is heavily flooded. Many people and animals had drowned. Many houses are partly or fully submerged.

My city has been blessed. There wasn’t much damage done to us, and our electricity is back. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but feel that these calamities have weakened my drive for blogging. And it’s too late in the year to make a restart. Yes, I feel that all the energy I have left is only enough for me to deal with odds and ends, and so that’s what I’m going to do.

My friends, here is my decision: I’m suspending my blogging until next year. And for these last six weeks of 2020 (and maybe also for the first few weeks of 2021), I’m going to work to settle all these changes I’ve made to The Swordsman Network. For it’s my goal that when I come back, my main focus will be finally on writing.

See you next year, my friends!

Notice: This post is not included in the CC license.

*[Patrons] Climbing High in Mt. Blessedness

This devotional reading, in a nutshell, talks about pursuing a much better life in Christ: To leave our present and unsatisfactory lives behind, and to start climbing — and to climb high — in God’s mountain of blessedness. In other words, it tries to convey hope and reassurance that tomorrow can be better for us. That is, if we get on our feet and begin climbing.

And the Word of God does confirm this, that through Jesus Christ we can have a much better life — a much blessed life. We can overcome our problems that would otherwise drive us to despair….

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