Except where otherwise noted, and except for all third-party materials which are clearly marked, all content on this website, Swordsman of the Word™ by Arjay B. Araña, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Please read the above license carefully before you start sharing my works. Also, please note that I have no plan of giving more permissions at this time.


Basically, you are free to share my licensed works to your family, friends, and network. Share them in any way you can, and in any medium or format, to spread their message.

However, as you do so, please keep in mind that you must give attribution to me as the creator, and that you are not allowed to make money from them, nor are you allowed to distribute them if you have made changes in their contents that can be considered as adaptations (remixing, transforming, or building upon).

I have chosen this most restrictive of the Creative Commons licenses because, first, I want to ensure the integrity of my message (Biblical truths and doctrines are not some things to make “derivatives” of); and second, I want my message to be heard by as many people as possible, and so I’m limiting its commercialization.

Anyway, if you are not planning to use my materials for any special purpose, but just want to share them with other people, my suggestion is that you simply use as is the PDF documents I’ve made available for download.


All my major posts (personal essays and musings) are included in this license, and they are marked by the license logo which links to this page.

All my nonessential posts (announcements, promotions, and the like) are excluded from this license, and they are marked by a short notice saying so.

IMPORTANT: This Creative Commons license only covers materials of my own creation. It does not cover all third-party content I’ve included in my work.

Integrated into my writings are quotations from the World English Bible (WEB) and/or the American Standard Version (ASV). Both these translations of the Bible are in the Public Domain. However, “World English Bible” is a Trademark of

The rights for other quotations that I may have used in my work (under fair use) that are not in the Public Domain belong to their respective copyright holders.

For the images that I’ve used on this website to illustrate my blog posts, most of them are either in the Public Domain, or are licensed to be used freely for personal and commercial uses. Use them at your own discretion. They are marked by the name of the websites where I got them from. I also provide links back to the original photos.

For those images that I don’t own the rights to, but have been given special permissions for their use on this website, you cannot use them in any way. These photos are marked by their copyright information and the words “used with permission.”

The only images that are covered by this license are those that I own the rights to. These are the unmarked photos you find on my major posts. (Because my nonessential posts are excluded from the license, any photos in them are also excluded.)

Lastly, I am making a special exclusion from this license:

I am reserving all my rights for the logos of Swordsman of the Word.

Copyright © 2017-2018 Arjay B. Araña. All Rights Reserved.

These are derivative works that I made using a Public Domain image from


For your attribution, please use the following:

And though you are not bound by this, I would appreciate it if you do not use my licensed works to defame and dishonor the name of God — the Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. Thank you.

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