My Testimony


This is an open-ended essay series, and for now, suspended.

In here I’ve talked in detail about my own personal life, especially about my own walk with God. As my testimony, this is me testifying by experience of how good and great God is, and also of his wondrous ways.

Part One is about my life and my struggles during the time this ministry is being founded.

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Part One

The Price I Pay for Victory (Sep. 6, 2018) — I’ve just finished making my to-do lists using a new method: markdown and HTML. […] The result? Not only are my lists much easier to update now, and to adapt to changes compared to, say, using a task-management software, but my own minimal design also gives me a good overview and summary of my tasks, making prioritizing much easier. The states of my life and work, and my direction have all become clearer, and thus lifting much of the pressure I’ve been feeling lately. […]

It Ain’t About the Money, Nor the Fame (1) (Sep. 16, 2018) — And so it truly begins now — my work for this ministry, Swordsman of the Word. The vision is laid down, the setup is all done for now, and my present course is defined and planned. But the fact that this post is very late, even though I’m supposed to be working “full-time,” and the fact also that I haven’t yet written anything new for my Patreon page… are only proofs of my struggle against my circumstances, which limit my ability and freedom to serve God. Moreover, they also show how difficult it really is trying to understand (and to write about) how he, God, has been working in my life all these years. […]

It Ain’t About the Money, Nor the Fame (2) (Sep. 21, 2018) — It’s all about knowing God. But as exciting or wondrous that might sound to some, this kind of life is no walk in the park. Rather, it is a narrow path. True also for some other religions maybe. But this is much more than just a rigid way of life — much more than just a bunch of rules and rituals to follow. Genuine Christianity is about having a real relationship with a living God. The living God. The triune God who has neither beginning nor end. The Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. And so if you say to that God, “my life is yours, Lord Jesus,” you better mean it, my friend. Because your life will never be the same again. […]

It Ain’t About the Money, Nor the Fame (3) (Oct. 2, 2018) — It’s all about knowing God. And knowing God means living your life according to his Word: his commandments, his values, and his ways. And perhaps there is nothing more radical (and more scorn-garnering) than working to succeed in God’s Kingdom, but not in this world: To hope and work for things unseen, yet believed in. To find joy and fulfillment in a work well-accomplished — rather than a work well-applauded. To adhere to ancient principles of good conduct in the midst of today’s ultramodern and spiritually-bankrupt culture. And to aspire to greatness, not by seeking positions of influence and power, but by becoming the lowest — serving God by serving all. […]

It Ain’t About the Money, Nor the Fame (4) (Oct. 18, 2018) — It’s all about knowing God. And to know God, to really know God, is to be loved by God. Maybe not exactly in the ways you’ve always wanted. But for sure, to be loved in ways you’ve never thought possible or even imagined. I know the questions that are burning in your mind right now. Is this really possible? Is this for real? Yes, it is. Because it happened to me. I don’t know about you, my friend, but when I was much younger — in my teens and young adulthood — I used to think that a love relationship would solve all my emotional problems. All the loneliness and emptiness I felt, and all my pains, would all somehow magically disappear, and I would be filled with joy… if only someone would love me. […]