Founding Documents (Old)

These essays, which include my very first post, compose the old founding documents of Swordsman of the Word. Much of what’s written here no longer applies to this blog, but these essays are still important, for they show the beginnings of my work.

Note: This whole collection will soon be available for download as PDF.

The Greatest Reason (Jul. 12, 2018) — When you are serving God, there may come a time when your faith is severely tested, and your hopes are shattered, so that you realize that your once-fiery passion is in danger of dying.

An Assignment I Can’t Do Alone (Jul. 16, 2018) — But before I can depend on him, on outside help, I need first to believe in the things that are already in me. I need to put in perspective the things I can do, and the things I cannot do without God.

To Know God More (That’s Why) (Jul. 23, 2018) — For all my writings… I have only this one overall purpose, a purpose that will define my actions and the future of this website: for us to know God more. Through his Word. And through my own life.

A Crucial Need to Overcome (Aug. 1, 2018) — But as I grew in my faith, and as my nature is changed by the Holy Spirit, writing has become much more than a kind of therapy for me, much more than a form of self-expression, and much more than just a way I use to serve God.

It All Belongs to Him (Aug. 8, 2018) — Swordsman of the Word is God’s work, not mine. It belongs to him; I’m only the worker he has chosen to work through. Therefore, all responsibility for its success (or failure) also belongs to him.