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Creative Commons License In the first of my new founding documents, Running this Blogging Race Once Again, I said that Swordsman of the Word had “become just my personal blog where I serve God through my writing, and where I earn a part of my living.” Nevertheless, by God’s leading, the ministry has grown over the past year. This announcement, which will become part of the new founding documents, is only to formalize the present extent of what I’m calling now The Swordsman Network.

Some parts of this network are still under construction though. One, my pastoral blog, is still empty of content. However, one purpose of this announcement is to set the boundaries of my present works, and so even though the network is not yet completed, it is necessary that I define now its components.

The following are the major sites that make up this network:

Swordsman of the Word™ [swordsmanoftheword.com]
— this is the main blog, which is dedicated to my personal essays and reflections. It is also specific in its purpose: To help people know God more, through his Word and through my own life. (Audience: Christians and non-Christians.)

The Pastor Swordsman™ [pastor.swordsmanoftheword.com]
— this is my pastoral blog, which is less personal in nature than the main blog. It will contain my devotional writings, Bible studies, sermons, etc. Also, unlike the main blog, The Pastor Swordsman has a wider, indeterminate purpose of being used for my pastoral ministry. (Audience: Mostly Christians.)

My Patreon Creator Page [www.patreon.com/arjayarana]
— this is a subscription service for my exclusive writings, which is one of the ways I gather financial support. My patrons get access to my occasional journal posts and to my weekly devotional reflections (which are much more personal than the devotions I write for The Pastor Swordsman). A higher fee gives them access to my writing notes and works in progress. (Audience: Mostly Christians.)

Swordsman Community [swordsmancommunity.wordpress.com]
— this is the community blog for Swordsman of the Word, where I curate select Christian resources, including my own writings. Its purpose is to serve as a springboard for the spiritual journey of my readers. It has “outposts” in both Tumblr and Facebook. (Audience: Christians and non-Christians.)

Swordsman Library [website under construction]
— this will be a selection of conservative Christian resources (mostly Public Domain). Working hand in hand with Swordsman Community, including its purpose of serving as a spiritual springboard, this small library will contain Bibles, commentaries, sermons, etc. However, the website is still being built and is far from ready, and so for now a number of Google Sites are also under construction to serve as a temporary library. (Audience: Mostly Christians.)

The following are the support sites (or accounts) that are part of this network:

Swordsman Community (T) [swordsmancommunity.tumblr.com]
— this is Swordsman Community’s outpost in Tumblr.

Swordsman Community (FB) [www.facebook.com/swordsmanoftheword]
— this is Swordsman Community’s outpost in Facebook.

SC Resources [swordsmancommunity…/resources]
— available as a Google Group and as a Facebook Group, this is Swordsman Community’s mailing list of select Christian literature in the Public Domain. For now I’m posting daily devotions from Charles H. Spurgeon and daily readings from the World English Bible.

World English Bible [bible.swordsmanoftheword.com]
— this is one of my Google Sites serving as a temporary library.

Time-Tested Sermons [sermons.swordsmanoftheword.com]
— this is one of my Google Sites serving as a temporary library.

Classic Devotionals [devotions.swordsmanoftheword.com]
— this is one of my Google Sites serving as a temporary library.

S.Library Updates [updates.swordsmanoftheword.com]
— this blog is where I announce the latest contents and developments for my Google Sites. Later, this will also serve as the updates blog for Swordsman Library.

YouTube Channel [www.youtube.com/channel/UCUErl…]
— this channel is simply where I host the videos I need for this network, and is not meant to gather subscribers.

Furthermore, in addition to these public sites and accounts, I also have a number of private ones that I use to support my blogging and publishing works. For example, I have a patrons-only mailing list for my writing notes and works in progress. Also, as another example, I have a private blog where I archive the writing notes I’ve not used in my posts.

The question that now arises is this: How does this network, as a whole, relate to my definitions of what Swordsman of the Word is? In the second of my new founding documents, A God-Centered, People-Oriented Blogging, I’d written in detail about what this ministry is and how it will function, but that was when I had only the main blog.

Obviously, because the other components of this network have their own purposes, the complete definitions I had set for the main blog, Swordsman of the Word, apply only to it. However, some of that definitions, which I’ll enumerate below, can be carried over to the whole network.

Firstly, like the main blog, The Swordsman Network also has a dual nature — “on the inside this is a Christian ministry, but on the outside (that is, on the official records) this is my personal business.”

Secondly, The Swordsman Network is also independent — “It’s not part of any local church or Christian organization. This means that I am accountable to God alone, and that the only authority I recognize is his Word, the Bible.”

Thirdly, The Swordsman Network is also seeking to be orthodox — “I recognize historic Protestant Christianity and its rich heritage, including the diversity in its traditions.”

Fourthly, The Swordsman Network also has this mission statement — “I aim to become part of the discipleship of believers, the Church, and I also aim to share the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ to the world.”

And lastly, The Swordsman Network also has this vision statement — “As a blogger, I hope to win a large audience of both Christians and non-Christians, and I also hope to generate sufficient income to make this ministry/business self-sustaining.”

These are the general definitions that apply to the network as a whole. Unfortunately, one of the specific definitions that applies only to the main blog but not to the entire network is that definition that makes my ministry unique — “the spirit with which I write and teach, and that is the balance between truth and grace.” For Swordsman Community and Swordsman Library, this definition cannot be applied for the simple reason that these sites include contents that are not my own. For The Pastor Swordsman, it is applicable, and yes, I will try to write with balance whenever possible; however, because of the blog’s indeterminate purpose, this definition cannot be a limiting factor. (Like the prophets of old, there may come a time when I would have to write something that rebukes and condemns and destroys.)

Here it is then, The Swordsman Network. For sure, it will grow more in the future, but for now and for the next several years, unless God has other plans for its immediate expansion, this network I’ve just defined will be the focus of my works.


  1. Swordsman Community is a P2, a special kind of blog designed for community-building. It’s still in beta status, and custom domain is not yet possible. But when it’s finally allowed, Swordsman Community will have its home in the following address: [community.swordsmanoftheword.com]

  2. Swordsman Library, when it finally goes live, will have its home in the following address: [library.swordsmanoftheword.com]

  3. Swordsman Library will be a self-hosted WordPress site. Someday, I may also transform into self-hosted the other major sites in this network (that is, except for my Patreon account). That would be the main blog, the pastoral blog, and the community blog.

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