*Community Blog, Schedule Update

Hello friends. As you’ve seen, I’ve been distracted again from my work in this main blog. I wasn’t able to write what I planned to write, and I also wasn’t able to finish updating my blog posts and pages.

True, as I have announced, I do struggle writing my second essay (and I will probably struggle too with my third one), but it’s also true that my work in my Facebook Page, Swordsman (of the Word) Community, has stolen much of my time and energy — a work that I have had serious doubts about even from the beginning. The fact is, and I’ve known this early on, Facebook is not a good place to build a community. Part of the problem is the platform itself, with its news distribution algorithm. (Unless my content is viral-material, which is impossible for the true gospel message, and unless I’m already popular to begin with, with lots of contacts and fans, I have no chance for a real audience.) Another problem is the ephemeral nature of posts made in social media in general. With all the effort and hours I’ve spent working, I didn’t feel that it was truly worth it, because my posts on the Page were not “tangible” enough.

I won’t go into all the details, my friends, except to say that the Community Page is still active, for the simple reason that I cannot leave Facebook (it’s where most people are). There is now also a separate Facebook Group where I posts daily devotions and Bible readings (I used to post these on the Page). What should be of interest to you is this: the Page has now a counterpart Blog here in WordPress.com. Yes. And it’s more than just a counterpart. I see this blog as my new base camp for the community, while the Page has now become only just one of my outposts in social media. Important, essential, but not indispensable.

The new blog is a P2, and so it’s suitable for community building. And as to its purpose….

Primarily, this blog’s purpose is to serve as a springboard for your spiritual journey, and to that end I mostly curate select Christian resources — sermons, lectures, music, etc. — for your edification and encouragement. I also reblog here my major posts in my main blog, advertise my Patrons-only posts, and occasionally write about the things in my own mind.

You can visit the blog here: Swordsman Community

Yes, I’ve been distracted yet again from my work here in Swordsman of the Word, but the delay has been worth it. I see now that everything has been leading to my creation of this Community Blog.

Anyway, with all these things happening, I needed to adjust my schedule. In regard to this main blog, I’m now dedicating this whole month of September just to finish my two remaining essays for my new founding documents, and to finish also updating my blog posts and pages. And I truly hope that I can do these things, because I do want to finally start the works I’ve planned for this blog.

Notice: This post is not included in the CC license.

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