*Community Page Reopened

Hello friends. It’s a new beginning for my Facebook page, Swordsman of the Word Community. Come and check it out :)

Like in this blog, our focus there is serving you, and it can be a good springboard for your spiritual journey. We offer a weekly sermon and daily devotions from Charles Spurgeon (a great 19th century preacher), daily readings from the World English Bible (downloadable as PDFs), and links to other Christian resources and stuffs. (Of course, I also post there the links to my blog posts here.)

With the plethora of Christian websites and ministries out there, and w/ the sometimes-hostile differences in theology among churches (which are not always clear), the situation can get confusing and overwhelming for someone who is not used to it. Our community page is our own small way of helping you navigate this mess… and to offer you also some fellowship while we’re at it :)

Well, to be honest, that is more hope than reality at this moment, because Swordsman of the Word is only just beginning its true work, and for now this is still mostly a one-man job.

Anyway, except for the devotions (which have already been proven by generations of Christians) and for the Bible readings, I personally review and/or introduce all external materials we post. I don’t claim infallibility, however, and since this is supposed to be a community of people of different views, I’ll also try to give some leeway in regard to theological issues (I’m a conservative, if you’ll remember). Still, my selections will already be a good start for you, since that would have already filtered out much of the junk.

And so, my friends… please Like the page, and be one of those who’ll help me turn it into a real and vibrant community… :)

By the way, reopening this Facebook page is an unexpected, unplanned work, and right now, there are still some things about it I need to deal with. And so — it just can’t be helped! — I have no choice but to reschedule my comeback essay to the first week of August. Sorry friends!

Notice: This post is not included in the CC license.

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