*Patrons Freebie #3

Hello friends. Yesterday, July 12, 2020, marked this blog’s second-year anniversary. Truly, I wanted to celebrate it with you, and I planned to post a brand-new essay — it would’ve also been my official return to blogging — but I wasn’t able to finish on time the one I’m working on right now. And so, though it’s already a bit late, I’m giving you two gifts instead.

Because my top priorities have always been this blog and my preparations for the ministry, I was yet unable to build my portfolio and my business for Patreon. I aim to start doing that again soon, but for now, as my gifts to you, I’ve opened to the public the two devotional reflections I wrote last year, before I got sidetracked… :)

Enjoy them, and God bless you! (Don’t forget to download the PDFs!)

For this is what I’ve learned in my recent trials: Material scarcity I could take, but when my heart is already under attack — when my trust is betrayed, and when my very love for God is questioned — then I need people around me to help me stand up. People who believe in me. People who love me.

And in this, without question, God has already been faithful. Yes, and that is why I am here. Carrying on.

Read full post: SD: The Hills and Valleys of Life


And there are indeed some people, having served God faithfully, who are longing for this promised rest.

But not me. Yes, not me. Not yet anyway. I don’t want to die yet. I still want the chance to serve God with my best, and of course, I also want to experience God’s “promised land” while I’m still here on earth, and not just in heaven.

The truth is, with the all the sacrifices I’ve made for God, so that I can better serve him; and with all the hardships I’ve endured, hoping for a better tomorrow; I would indeed feel cheated if I die having not seen the future I’ve envisioned.

Read full post: ME: Living in the Promised Land


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