*My blogging is delayed…

Hello friends.

I’ve been meaning to write my next essay as soon as I could, but I was delayed by my studies. (In addition to my classes in Bible school, I’m also doing a lot of personal study, and so I had very little time for writing.)

And now, because of COVID 19, the Philippines is in a state of calamity. As of this writing, we now have nearly 200 cases, and many cities are implementing community quarantine, including mine. And so life is a bit hard right now.

True, in regard to blogging, this quarantine now gives me more time to write. However, given the amount of study materials I still have to go through, I doubt if I could really write even with this extra time. And so I’ve decided to use this rare opportunity to focus even more on my studies — so that they won’t distract me much anymore when I come back again to blogging, maybe in a month or two. (This quarantine is planned for one whole month, but that can be easily extended, depending on the situation of this pandemic.)

So it’s goodbye again for now, my friends. Please pray for my country. And please pray for my personal safety and of those I love. Thanks!

Notice: This post is not included in the CC license.

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