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Creative Commons License This post is the start of a new category for this blog: musings. A set of short reflections on related topics. And I created this new category because sometimes I have many things to say, but don’t have the time nor the energy to write them down as essays. This is also a good way to make the regularity of my posting more consistent.

I am all set to begin writing for the first of the two essay collections I announced, Light to My Path. I am also all set to begin writing earnestly my devotional reflections for Patreon. But before I do these, I thought that I should write first a few things about this ministry. A kind of a wrap up for the months that passed by.

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I realized that I have never really explained what it means to be a “swordsman of the Word.” For some, this might conjure an image of a Christian apologist (defender of the faith) bashing critics and haters with his supreme knowledge of the Bible and his unrivaled eloquence.

But that is not what this title means in my vision for this ministry. I am not an apologist, and though I do plan on becoming good in apologetics someday, I don’t plan on becoming one.

Remember, I’m a blogger who is called for teaching and the missions. Rather than winning arguments, my passion is to explain the deep things of God and to make him known to people.

For the word of God is living and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and is able to discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart. — Hebrews 4:12 WEB

The above passage is the reason behind the name of this ministry. Swordsman of the Word.

The truth is, the truth hurts. God’s Word is truth. And God’s Word is like a sword. Without care, without love and grace, and without expertise, the use of God’s Word will only result in wounded hearts, or worse, destroyed faiths and destroyed lives.

Being a “swordsman of the Word” then means not only being an expert in using the Word of God, but also being careful, loving, and grace-filled.

The balance between truth and grace. This is the essence of everything I write for this blog.

Now the question is, am I now a real swordsman of the Word? I should be, right? But my answer to that is… not yet.

I think that I’m already being careful and loving, but I’m still working on my expertise.

I’ve been honest about this, my friends. You know my struggles. And my prayer is that as I strive to achieve this heavenly vision… you will strive with me. And share this passion with me.

• ★ • ★ • ★ •

A Christian ministry in its very beginning: This (free) blog. My other internet accounts. My old desktop computer. And my books.

And though this may be hard to believe — because even now I’m still not getting any financial reward — this is now my job.

And being a blogger means that I’m my own boss, right?

Wrong, because as I had declared in my founding documents, this ministry all belongs to God. He is my boss… my invisible boss. The real one who makes the decisions. And I am just his worker… his employee.

And I need to remind myself of these things today because of this one aspect of blogging that I’ve been neglecting, and that is, networking.

I said neglected, but the fact is… networking hasn’t yet been a priority in all the works that God has already given me. Soon though it will be.

I’ll be honest. I want this blog to become popular. I want a large audience for my writings. And I think that this is also what God wants. However, he also knows what is best on how to proceed with this. His instruction has been: foundations first before anything else.

And these foundations consist of not only material things (like the blog itself), but also of my own spiritual readiness to serve him and my audience.

Service. This is all about service. And faithfulness and effectiveness in that service. This is not about the numbers. And this is certainly not about the money. Though of course, as befitting a worker, I do expect my wage. I do expect to earn my living.

It’s been difficult, really, being in this situation. I needed a large audience to make a livelihood out of this. But I could not yet work towards having that large audience because I was still working on the foundations.

Trust in God. This is what all these boil down to. Trust in him to sustain me. Trust in him to provide for me, even if for now only for my very basic needs.

Manna from heaven. I’ve been eating manna from heaven all these years. Nothing fancy. Just enough to sustain me.

But soon I’ll be eating from the rich produce of the promised land. I hope.

• ★ • ★ • ★ •

Speaking of foundations….

There really is no question now that God has meant for me to serve him primarily through writing. The foundations that he has laid down in me through the years, especially my painful experiences, so that I can empathize more with people…. My natural artistic expressions in words…. And this depth of mind and heart he has given me….

Yes, all these sound so good. I’m a writer for God. For now I write only prose, especially essays. But later I will revive my poetry writing. And still later, I will try to write stories. Fiction. My ultimate dream as a writer. And all for the glory of God.

Yes, all these sound so good… but… sometimes the biggest cost of being a writer, and that is being much different from most people — and that means being alone most of the time — gets me down.

Now that I have a church, I had hoped that my being different wouldn’t matter much. We are all siblings in the Lord after all, and we love each other. But this isn’t the case at all.

I thank God then for the few true friends that I have, who accepts me as me.

And I thank you, my readers, who are listening to me through these words.

My great needs, my friends, are to talk, and to be listened to. To be helped in processing these many things that are going through in my mind.

The fact is, I have tons of things to write about. I have little problem with writer’s block. But what I require are friends who will stand by me as I turn my oceans of thoughts to order… to words… and to blog.

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