*Download (and Share) My Posts via Creative Commons

Hello friends.

This website now fully conforms to the license I’ve applied to it, which is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please read my License page for more details.

What is most important to you is that, starting today, all my major posts are going to be available for download as PDF documents. (A download button will be provided at the end of each post.)

Below are the download links to the PDF versions of the posts I’ve already written:

The Greatest Reason

An Assignment I Can’t Do Alone

To Know God More (That’s Why)

A Crucial Need to Overcome

I should mention that I’ve made some editing to these posts. Specifically, I’ve changed from English Standard Version (ESV) to World English Bible (WEB) in the Bible quotations I used. I also plan to use American Standard Version (ASV) in my future posts.

My reason for this change is to minimize my use of copyrighted materials (now that I’m using a CC license), especially the Scriptures, which I mean to use a lot. ASV is a trustworthy classic translation, and WEB is a modern update of it. Both are in the Public Domain.

I should also mention that I’ve made a minor revision to my post A Crucial Need to Overcome. I now quoted directly the excerpt from the book Experiencing God, and then explained it in my own words.

Notice: This post is not included in the CC license.

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